Ikea Rast Hack

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Ikea Rast HackI have been working on our mater bedroom refresh for what seems like years.  But in reality it has only been a couple months.  I wanted something clean and fresh that I could easily change with my ever changing taste in décor.  Maybe I have a problem?  Nah!

Master Bedroom Mood Board

Anyway, I decided to go with white walls.  I have never actually painted walls white.  I do tend to stick to pretty neutral colors with wall color so it will blend with whatever my new décor flavor is!  I always thought of white as boring and blah.  But after getting the paint on the walls and starting to add in the pops of color with all the other décor pieces I realize white is awesome!

The bedroom furniture that we had is black and not what I wanted in this new space.  While it went in our old master bedroom it does not fit in this one.  Our old master was much larger.

Ikea Rast hack

In this room the furniture just made the room look even smaller than it is.  I searched for a long time for nightstands and a dresser that would fit my vision of something that could hold a lot of clothing but not be too bulky.

Gray Night Stand, Ikea
Ikea Rast Hack Night Stand

This is when I stumbled upon some Ikea Rast hacks on Pinterest.  Three drawers, tall enough to fit next to my bed, worth a shot!  At only $34.99 each I figured if they didn’t turn out to be what I wanted I wasn’t out much.  It is kind of time consuming to put them together but not rocket science.  The diagrams are really strange as they are on all Ikea furniture!

night stand
Ikea Rast Hack
Ikea Rast Hack. My helpers were sleeping on the job!
ikea reast hack
master bedroom with Ikea Rast hack.

To paint the nightstands, I mixed up my own custom color out of my assortment of paints in the basement until I got a light shade of gray that would complement almost anything.  I assembled the nightstands and then painted away.

Mixing a custom paint color
night stands, nightstand, master retreat, green , gray, blue
Ikea Rast hack, master bedroom makeover.

I wanted some detail on the front but still wanted it to be simple.  I found wood veneer edging while in Lowe’s one day and decided that would be perfect.  It is iron on, so simple!  I filled the original knob holes then started my pattern on the drawer fronts.  Really, the patterns you could make are endless.  I just placed the laminate overtop of the other strips for the cross sections and it worked perfectly.

Adding veneer edging to drawer front.  Don’t mind the paint all over my hands!
ikea reast hack, white bedroom, blue green, pops of color
Master bedroom retreat
DIY , Inexpensive Furniture
Ikea Rast Hack

I do recommend putting a washcloth or something in between the iron and the wood.  I have an iron I only use for craft projects.  If you want your iron to not end up with glue stuck on it definitely put something between it and the wood!

ikea dresser, DIY, Inexpensive Fixes, furniture
Ikea Rast Hack

I wanted a round pull for the drawers and found some at Hobby Lobby that would have been perfect.  Then while cleaning up the basement I found an entire bag of pulls I had taken off other furniture and said forget it I will just use the free ones!

double ikea rast hack
Ikea Rast Dresser. Using two Rast to make a double dresser.

For the dresser I put under the T.V. I decided why not just use two more Ikea Rasts since we are already on a roll with them.

adding legs to Ikea Rast
Double Ikea Rast Hack. Adding furniture legs.

I finished them the same way I did the other two but then decided I wanted them to sit a little higher.  Hmmm…I found some legs and attachments and painted the legs a bronze/silver color.

To attach two of the legs I had to add on some wood pieces for two of the feet to attach too.  Next, I put about 10 screws in between the two dressers to hold them together.  Trust me those babies are not coming apart!

Ikea Rast Hack

Overall it was a pretty simple project that anyone can do.

tropical bedroom, blue, green, palm leaf
Master Bedroom Makeover with Ikea Reast Hack

What I love about it is the possibilities are endless and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a big change.

ikea rast hack
Master Bedroom makeover

I still have a ways to go on being finished but at least there is some serious progress going on.  I have plans on doing a accent wall behind the bed with chair rail, picture moding, and crown.  Just have to sweet talk my husband into helping me!!

masterbedroom with ikea rast hack.

Have you ever done any Rast Hacks?  If so, how did they turn out?

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