Fun and Colorful Patio and Outdoor Entertaining

I don’t want to jinx it but I think spring is finally here today!  But I live in Ohio and one day it could be 70 and sunny and the next 30 and snowing, so you just never know!

Colorful patio and outdoor space

I have been itching to make our small patio space something that we can enjoy in the summer.  We put the table and chairs we had at our old house in our screened in porch on the patio but it is just way too big.  We could barely even push the chairs in and out so needless to say it was never used.  I had left a faux wicker loveseat, chairs, and coffee table at the in laws house because we didn’t have anywhere to put it at the new house.  Finally a light bulb went off.  Why not get rid of the table and use the loveseat and chairs to make a cozy seating area that we can actually use.

Patio before refresh.
patio outdoor DIY
colorful patio and outdoor space
patio space

I know it doesn’t look bad but you can kind of see the chairs are practically leaning against the house on the one side of the table.  On the other side if you push the chairs back you end up in the yard then the chairs tip and you fall over. Not that I would know anything about that!!

outdoor entertaining

First the patio needed some serious cleaning, the mold and algae was awful.  I didn’t want to power wash so I went to Lowe’s and purchased some stuff that you attach to your hose and spray on then spray off. It did not work at all!!  Don’t even try it!  I got out the trusty power washer and it took care of it no problem at all.

I found these fabulous outdoor entertaining plates, glasses, napkins, and drink markers for just a few dollars each at Target.  Aren’t they just so fun??

It gets so much sun on the patio that we have to keep an umbrella so I am just using the one that we had in the middle of the table for now.

I found an outdoor mat/rugs at At Home for $9.99, what a deal!  I bought two just in case one gets ruined being outside.  I used some pots I already had; spray painted a few, and added lots of fun colorful flowers.

I love making my own pillow cases.  If I can do it you can do it trust me, I am not good at sewing at all!  I found this fun fabric at Hobby Lobby on clearance and decided it was perfect for the patio.  I spray all fabrics I put outside with weather protectant even though if it is going to rain I bring the pillows and cushions inside.  I love when Hobby Lobby has their pillow covers 50% off, I found these awesome pom pom pillow covers and they ended up being about $7.50 each.  Didn’t have to think twice about that one!

Thought it would be fun to share the MLS photo from when we purchased the hosue for some comparison.

MLS photo of patio when we purchased the house.

It’s amazing what a difference some flowers, plants, and fun fabrics can make in setting up an outdoor space.

Hope you get to enjoy some beautiful weather wherever you are!

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