Bye bye stained vanity- hello my new favorite paint color!

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painting a bathroom vanity

Last time I talked about my master bathroom I was contemplating what I should do with the vanity in there.  After much debate and some help from my Instagram friends I decided to paint it.

Painting bathroom vanity.

I knew I wanted to go with a light shade of gray to compliment what I had already done in the rest of the bathroom.  Instead of buying something new I found some gray paint I had used on a previous project.  The gray was to dark so I added some white paint and started painting! (Yes, I use my tupperware containers to mix paint in.  I wonder why I can never find any of it!!  After I put paint in them I don’t use them for food storage again!)

Bathroom vanity update.
Painting a bathroom vanity.

Well as it usually goes I still wasn’t happy with color so I added more white paint and a bit of beige and tried again.  As soon as it dried it was love at first site!  The color turned a light gray that can look blue in different light.

Painting a bathroom vanity.
Updating a bathroom vanity.

I painted all of the drawer fronts and the vanity base with three coats of paint.  Next I used polyurethane to give it a little more shine and protect it from chipping.

Gray bathroom vanity.

Painted master bathroom.

painting a vanity in the bathroom
masterbathroom vanity painted.

In the last round of updates to the bathroom we also decided that the standard builder grade mirror needed a little upgrade.  We purchased a piece of trim from Lowe’s that matched the trim around the doorways to make a frame.

frame a bathroom mirror
Making a frame for a mirror

All we did was measure the mirror, cut the pieces to length, and use the nail gun to secure them together.  Once the frame was done we used liquid nail to secure it to the mirror.  We did have to use a lot of tape to hold the frame to the mirror until the liquid nail dried.   You like my worktable?!  I have had that table since I was in college it has had so many uses over the years!

frame bathroom mirror
Framing builder grade mirror

It has been up there a couple months now and no signs of it falling off!  It is as easy as that and we only had a few dollars in it and didn’t have to purchase a new mirror to make it have a custom look.

I think the transformation is finally done in the bathroom.  Even though it isn’t exactly what we wanted I feel like it is now our own!

I feel much more satisfied refinishing something old and giving it new life rather than buying something new.  Anyone else feel that way?


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