Master Closet Makeover

master closet makeover with crown molding removable Devine Color Speckled Wallpaper
DIY Glam Closet Makeover with removable wallpaper

I started a few months ago just wanting to give my master closet a makeover and make it look prettier and more functional.  Well that turned into some serious reorganization and making some tough choices on if I really needed three closets full of clothes (I had invaded the two other bedrooms closets, there was not one open closet in the house!!).  There were many sleepless nights thinking about getting rid of a lot of items but now that it is a new year I realize I didn’t really need three closets full of clothing that I didn’t wear half of anyway!  The struggle was real but I prevailed!

closet before

Let’s get back to the makeover after sharing my mini breakdown over things I didn’t need!  I shared my mood board and inspiration in this post.  My goal was to remove all of the closet organization that was in there and paint it black and move it around to make it more functional.  After spending several hours sweating and removing only one wall of it I realized it was probably oringial to the house.  It had been taken apart and put back together MANY times.  I decided that it was probably best to just leave it where it was or else we would be buying everything new and I wasn’t prepared for that.  Many of the screws and attachment pieces were stripped and one more twist or turn would have completely rendered them useless.

I was heartbroken.  That meant it needed to stay in the same configuration and I wasn’t going to be able to paint it because I had planned on taking it outside and using the paint sprayer to get an even finish.

crown molding Devine Color Speckled removable wallpaper
Master Closet with Crown Molding

Back to the drawing board on what to do.  I put the pieces back together begrudgingly but was able to move one shelf back a few inches to give the closet entrance a little more space.  I took that as a small win!

The laminate on the shelving was starting to yellow and just looked gross.  I ended up just taking some white paint and painting all of the trim edge pieces on the shelving and surprisingly that made a huge difference.

Yellowed laminate closet storage

I had been dying to try some removable wallpaper after using the Easy Stripe Wall Decals from Walls Need Love in my guest bedroom makeover .  If you look at their website they even have the guest bedroom under their Instagram Inspiration on the page!  I am so flattered!  I wanted to use removable wallpaper as an accent on the back wall.  There are so many options to choose from with removable wallpaper, I could not believe it!  I decided I wanted to do something that was neutral but still fun.  That is when I stumbled across Devine Color speckled dot removable wallpaper in Sterling .  I have always thought animal print is a neutral and the silver color would give it the little punch of fun I was looking for.  For my little wall in the closet I ended up having to order two rolls and probably have about 6 feet of it remaining that I didn’t use.

removable wallpaper crown molding closet organization
Masterbedroom closet makeover

Seriously this stuff is so easy to use.  I measured it, left a couple inches extra, put it up on the wall smoothed out all the wrinkles with just my hands and trimmed the extra off.  Probably took me all of 30 minutes to put it up!

peel and stick wallpaper
Installing removable Devine Color Speckled wallpaper

Next I painted all of the other walls Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray.  It took a lot of extra taping since I couldn’t take down the closet shelving but we got it done!

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

After putting up 400 feet of crown molding downstairs I now look at where the wall and ceiling meets and just think it looks so boring without it.  I convinced my husband that the little closet would be very easy to put crown molding up in, thanks Doug!  I decided to go a little out of the ordinary and paint the trim work and crown the same gray color that I painted our master bathroom vanity.  Crown molding doesn’t have to be white and I think it gives it a little something extra while tying the two spaces together.    Oh and by the way when we thought it would be easy to put up the crown in this small space it wasn’t!!  The back wall was so bowed that poor Doug ended up having to put it up in sections rather than in one easy piece.  Oh well that’s what happens when a house is old and nothing is square.  But he prevailed and got it up and it looks amazing!

Installing crown molding. I prepainted the molding so it would just need touched up. When we discovered it had to be pieced together we used some leftover from other projects sooooo…I had to paint some of it anyway! The two tone look is kinda cool?? ha ha ha.

There is a little shelving unit between where my shoes and clothes go and instead of just using that for clothing I decided to use it as a mini vanity with some storage.  I added some of my extra wallpaper, some silver ribbon trim, a small mirror, and a peel and stick battery operated light above the vanity area.

Finally it was time to add some accessories.  I found a carpet runner at Joss and Main that I absolutely love and some fun prints at hobby lobby.   The large mirror was a thrift store find that I spray painted white.

The light fixture is gorgeous and really hard to see in in the pictures but from Lowe’s and it only cost $55 with a 20% discount!

Master Closet Makeover with removable wallpaper and crown molding.

Finally I decided that I needed to get rid of all of the mismatched plastic hangers.  I ended up going with the thin black velvet ones that save space.  I ordered 150 from Joss and Main thinking that would be plenty but soon realized that I severely underestimated the amount of clothing we had.  I ended up finding some locally at At Home and must have made five trips there to get more boxes of them.  Wow and to think I got rid of a ton of clothes but still probably ended up purchasing about 400 hangers, no joke!

Overall I love how it looks and it is so much more functional now.  It feels really good to have gotten rid of a lot of things that I didn’t actually need!  By the way all of our clothes are not in these pictures I was still in the process of changing them all over to the new hangers.  I don’t think I would be able to survive with just three sweaters!!!

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