Glam Master Closet Makeover

My master bedroom closet is in some serious need of organization so if I am going to organize I might as well give it a little bit of a facelift.

I want it to be kind of glam and femine because I feel like I can get away with that in the closet without my husband putting up to much of a stink about it being to girly!  Pictured is the mood board for the direction I want to take my closet makeover in.

Master Closet Mood Board

We have tons of mismatched plastic hangers and everything is always falling off of them.  I have heard really good reviews on the velvet hangers so I purchased a bunch of those  but quickly have realized that we have way more clothing than I ever thought.  I am now trying to get rid of items that I don’t ever wear but it is really hard!  The struggle is real but I will prevail, hopefully.

I have also been itching to put up some wallpaper but don’t want to commit to anything so decided removable wallpaper would be a great way to go because I can just take it down anytime, score!  I purchased this wall paper from Devine Color and it is fabulous!  Kind of pricey so I am only putting it up as an accent wall.

Of course I wan to add crown molding because who doesn’t need crown molding in their closet!!  I am also going to paint the shelving, the walls are getting the standard Agreeable Gray, new light fixture, the door and trim is getting painted, and I am going to be adding a runner and some art work to bring in some color.

I can’t wait to share the final reveal of my mini closet makeover!

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