Budget friendly office makeover

Adding shelves to an office on a budget, stencil, spray painting brackets
Office makeover, adding shelves, herringbone pattern wall stencil

My husband’s office was basically just a room with an old desk and a bunch of boxes in it, ugh.  It has been like that since we moved in and is literally the first room people see when they walk in the door so mini makeover here we come!  They were also trying to stage it as a bedroom when we purchased the home…..it is definitely not a bedroom!

Office Makeover on a budget, adding shelves, Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray
Office before mini makeover

I didn’t want to have to purchase a new desk so I refinished an old oak desk that his parents had given us.  You can read about that here refinishing a Desk.

office maketover on a budget.
Office Makeover on a budget.


I painted the walls the same color that I am in the process of painting the rest of the house, Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray.

There is a little alcove that I am assuming was meant for shelves but there weren’t any there so of course I decided to add shelves.  Before I added the shelves I decided to put a design on the wall so I got some tape and taped off the wall!  Tada.  No actually I tried doing a faux type finish and it didn’t look very good which you can see in the picture below so in order to save it I decided to tape over it in a herringbone type pattern that I had seen on Pinterest before and it looks so much better!

DIY herringbone wall stencil
Wall stencil

office 4

Next came the shelves….I didn’t want to spend a lot so I found these Brackets on amazon and got 20 of them for $24!  I didn’t use them all so I have leftovers for another project.  I am sure the hubby is excited about that one!  The room had enough gray in it so I decided to spray paint them with some gold spray paint.  It gave them a completely different look!

Shelf styling using items you already have.
Adding shelves to an office on a budget.

We found the untreated boards at Lowe’s for about $13 each and I used some of the stain from the desk makeover to stain them.

Office makeover on a budget, adding shelves, and herringbone stencil.
Office makeover on a budget

We found the studs and put up the shelves.  No really it wasn’t that easy of course!  After some trial and error and about 10 extra holes that I had to fill and repaint the shelves were up.  But it wouldn’t be a project without some mess ups!!    Next up was shelf styling.  Since it is my husband’s office I had to put some of his things in there like his model car collection.  So I worked those in with some of his books, some extra storage, and a couple plants.

Budget Office makeover
Office update, adding a plug in pendant light

The lighting in the office was also really bad.  Even with a pot light over the shelves in the corner and a lamp it was really dark.  We did not feel like trying to add a light fixture to the ceiling so I found a plug in fixture and plugged it in, secured the wire to the wall with some temporary hooks and the light issue was solved!  I am eventually going to get some of that wire cover to paint and put over the wire so it isn’t that noticeable, but for right now it is functioning perfectly!

office makeover on a budget
office makeover on a budget

My weimaraners Mia and Gunner had to have their own spot so they have their own bed under the shelves and they love it!

Diy Shelves Office Makeover
DIy Shelves

Office and desk makeover on a budget

DIY Office makeover on a budget, refinishing a desk.
DIY Office makeover