Oh Christmas Tree!

Where the heck has this year gone??  I seriously feel like it was Thanksgiving yesterday!  I must say though that I love Christmas decor so much I could leave it up all year long if people wouldn’t think I was crazy!

Copper Black and Gold Christmas Decor
Copper Black and Gold Christmas Decor

Last year I did a bright cheery multicolor theme but this year I went a little darker with lots of metalics.

Copper Black and Gold Christmas Decor
Copper Black and Gold Christmas Decor

I found some clearance fall decor on sale at Michael’s for 80% off and decided to go with it!  The dried flowers were copper in color and the fall ribbon was black so tada there is my color scheme for this year!

Copper Black and Gold Christmas Decor
Copper Black and Gold Christmas Decor

I was at Target and spotted the gorgeous Hearth and Hand Black and White Ribbon and knew it had to be part of my Christmas decor this year.

Copper Black and Gold Christmas Decor
Copper Black and Gold Christmas Decor
Copper Black and Gold Christmas Decor
Copper Black and Gold Christmas Decor

Summer table scape happened so fast!

tablescape, table setting, summer, DIY
summer tablescape setting

I don’t know about all of you but I absolutely LOVE summer.  I should seriously move somewhere where there is never snow and the temperature doesn’t drop below 50.  Ha ha ha.

Did you get that reference to the movie Grease in the title of the post??  But really it is summer and it only took me about 30 minutes to pull this look together!

summer table setting

As great as summer is sometimes it is just beyond too hot to eat outside.  That means bring the outside in, where the air conditioning keeps the temperature just right!!

I like to repurpose things that I already have in different ways.  I am all about saving money and getting the biggest bang for my buck!  The only items I didn’t already have for this table setting were the flowers that I purchased at Trader Joe’s for a whopping $8!

I used some of my outside plants, including lavender which smells heavenly.

The blue pots were just simple cheap terracotta pots that I spray painted and then distressed with some steel wool and a sanding block.

I used wine glasses and shot glasses to hold flowers for varying heights, mixed in with the plants.  (oh and the beads around them are some of my bracelets!).  Told you I like to repurpose!!

I actually put a shot glass inside a stemless wine glass and surrounded it with moss.  I added moss to the plants as well because I think it looks much more pulled together without the dirt showing.

When you are looking to change things up, don’t just run to the store.  Look around your house at what you already have and think outside the box on what items can be used for.  You would be amazed at what you can come up with!

Ikea Rast Hack

master bedroom, blue, green, tropical retreat, Ikea, DIY Dresser

Ikea Rast HackI have been working on our mater bedroom refresh for what seems like years.  But in reality it has only been a couple months.  I wanted something clean and fresh that I could easily change with my ever changing taste in décor.  Maybe I have a problem?  Nah!

Master Bedroom Mood Board

Anyway, I decided to go with white walls.  I have never actually painted walls white.  I do tend to stick to pretty neutral colors with wall color so it will blend with whatever my new décor flavor is!  I always thought of white as boring and blah.  But after getting the paint on the walls and starting to add in the pops of color with all the other décor pieces I realize white is awesome!

The bedroom furniture that we had is black and not what I wanted in this new space.  While it went in our old master bedroom it does not fit in this one.  Our old master was much larger.

Ikea Rast hack

In this room the furniture just made the room look even smaller than it is.  I searched for a long time for nightstands and a dresser that would fit my vision of something that could hold a lot of clothing but not be too bulky.

Gray Night Stand, Ikea
Ikea Rast Hack Night Stand

This is when I stumbled upon some Ikea Rast hacks on Pinterest.  Three drawers, tall enough to fit next to my bed, worth a shot!  At only $34.99 each I figured if they didn’t turn out to be what I wanted I wasn’t out much.  It is kind of time consuming to put them together but not rocket science.  The diagrams are really strange as they are on all Ikea furniture!

night stand
Ikea Rast Hack
Ikea Rast Hack. My helpers were sleeping on the job!
ikea reast hack
master bedroom with Ikea Rast hack.

To paint the nightstands, I mixed up my own custom color out of my assortment of paints in the basement until I got a light shade of gray that would complement almost anything.  I assembled the nightstands and then painted away.

Mixing a custom paint color
night stands, nightstand, master retreat, green , gray, blue
Ikea Rast hack, master bedroom makeover.

I wanted some detail on the front but still wanted it to be simple.  I found wood veneer edging while in Lowe’s one day and decided that would be perfect.  It is iron on, so simple!  I filled the original knob holes then started my pattern on the drawer fronts.  Really, the patterns you could make are endless.  I just placed the laminate overtop of the other strips for the cross sections and it worked perfectly.

Adding veneer edging to drawer front.  Don’t mind the paint all over my hands!
ikea reast hack, white bedroom, blue green, pops of color
Master bedroom retreat
DIY , Inexpensive Furniture
Ikea Rast Hack

I do recommend putting a washcloth or something in between the iron and the wood.  I have an iron I only use for craft projects.  If you want your iron to not end up with glue stuck on it definitely put something between it and the wood!

ikea dresser, DIY, Inexpensive Fixes, furniture
Ikea Rast Hack

I wanted a round pull for the drawers and found some at Hobby Lobby that would have been perfect.  Then while cleaning up the basement I found an entire bag of pulls I had taken off other furniture and said forget it I will just use the free ones!

double ikea rast hack
Ikea Rast Dresser. Using two Rast to make a double dresser.

For the dresser I put under the T.V. I decided why not just use two more Ikea Rasts since we are already on a roll with them.

adding legs to Ikea Rast
Double Ikea Rast Hack. Adding furniture legs.

I finished them the same way I did the other two but then decided I wanted them to sit a little higher.  Hmmm…I found some legs and attachments and painted the legs a bronze/silver color.

To attach two of the legs I had to add on some wood pieces for two of the feet to attach too.  Next, I put about 10 screws in between the two dressers to hold them together.  Trust me those babies are not coming apart!

Ikea Rast Hack

Overall it was a pretty simple project that anyone can do.

tropical bedroom, blue, green, palm leaf
Master Bedroom Makeover with Ikea Reast Hack

What I love about it is the possibilities are endless and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a big change.

ikea rast hack
Master Bedroom makeover

I still have a ways to go on being finished but at least there is some serious progress going on.  I have plans on doing a accent wall behind the bed with chair rail, picture moding, and crown.  Just have to sweet talk my husband into helping me!!

masterbedroom with ikea rast hack.

Have you ever done any Rast Hacks?  If so, how did they turn out?

Fun and Colorful Patio and Outdoor Entertaining

I don’t want to jinx it but I think spring is finally here today!  But I live in Ohio and one day it could be 70 and sunny and the next 30 and snowing, so you just never know!

Colorful patio and outdoor space

I have been itching to make our small patio space something that we can enjoy in the summer.  We put the table and chairs we had at our old house in our screened in porch on the patio but it is just way too big.  We could barely even push the chairs in and out so needless to say it was never used.  I had left a faux wicker loveseat, chairs, and coffee table at the in laws house because we didn’t have anywhere to put it at the new house.  Finally a light bulb went off.  Why not get rid of the table and use the loveseat and chairs to make a cozy seating area that we can actually use.

Patio before refresh.
patio outdoor DIY
colorful patio and outdoor space
patio space

I know it doesn’t look bad but you can kind of see the chairs are practically leaning against the house on the one side of the table.  On the other side if you push the chairs back you end up in the yard then the chairs tip and you fall over. Not that I would know anything about that!!

outdoor entertaining

First the patio needed some serious cleaning, the mold and algae was awful.  I didn’t want to power wash so I went to Lowe’s and purchased some stuff that you attach to your hose and spray on then spray off. It did not work at all!!  Don’t even try it!  I got out the trusty power washer and it took care of it no problem at all.

I found these fabulous outdoor entertaining plates, glasses, napkins, and drink markers for just a few dollars each at Target.  Aren’t they just so fun??

It gets so much sun on the patio that we have to keep an umbrella so I am just using the one that we had in the middle of the table for now.

I found an outdoor mat/rugs at At Home for $9.99, what a deal!  I bought two just in case one gets ruined being outside.  I used some pots I already had; spray painted a few, and added lots of fun colorful flowers.

I love making my own pillow cases.  If I can do it you can do it trust me, I am not good at sewing at all!  I found this fun fabric at Hobby Lobby on clearance and decided it was perfect for the patio.  I spray all fabrics I put outside with weather protectant even though if it is going to rain I bring the pillows and cushions inside.  I love when Hobby Lobby has their pillow covers 50% off, I found these awesome pom pom pillow covers and they ended up being about $7.50 each.  Didn’t have to think twice about that one!

Thought it would be fun to share the MLS photo from when we purchased the hosue for some comparison.

MLS photo of patio when we purchased the house.

It’s amazing what a difference some flowers, plants, and fun fabrics can make in setting up an outdoor space.

Hope you get to enjoy some beautiful weather wherever you are!

Inspiration is Everywhere!

I don’t know about the rest of you but I have been in a serious motivation slump.  My motivation to do any projects has majorly declined.  What’s even better is I have partially painted half of my master bedroom and not touched the other half for several weeks now.  It looks phenomenal!  Ha ha ha.  I am blaming it on the weather.  Spring and summer need to get here ASAP!

Design and DIY slumps happen and it is okay.  Sometimes it is a setback in a project that does it and other times you just need a break!  I think I just need a break and some sunshine!!

In the interim it is fun to just take some time and enjoy the beauty and inspiration around you.  Sometimes that is all we need.

I went and visited the Orchid Exhibit at the Franklin Park Conservatory here in Columbus and it was fabulous!  I seriously want to live there with all the orchids.  You think they would let me move in??

Hope you are as inpsired as I am.  The beauty in nature is so motivating.  I think that is all I needed to get back on track!!

Bye bye stained vanity- hello my new favorite paint color!

masterbathroom, bathroom remodel, bathroom refresh, painting bathroom vanity
painting a bathroom vanity

Last time I talked about my master bathroom I was contemplating what I should do with the vanity in there.  After much debate and some help from my Instagram friends I decided to paint it.

Painting bathroom vanity.

I knew I wanted to go with a light shade of gray to compliment what I had already done in the rest of the bathroom.  Instead of buying something new I found some gray paint I had used on a previous project.  The gray was to dark so I added some white paint and started painting! (Yes, I use my tupperware containers to mix paint in.  I wonder why I can never find any of it!!  After I put paint in them I don’t use them for food storage again!)

Bathroom vanity update.
Painting a bathroom vanity.

Well as it usually goes I still wasn’t happy with color so I added more white paint and a bit of beige and tried again.  As soon as it dried it was love at first site!  The color turned a light gray that can look blue in different light.

Painting a bathroom vanity.
Updating a bathroom vanity.

I painted all of the drawer fronts and the vanity base with three coats of paint.  Next I used polyurethane to give it a little more shine and protect it from chipping.

Gray bathroom vanity.

Painted master bathroom.

painting a vanity in the bathroom
masterbathroom vanity painted.

In the last round of updates to the bathroom we also decided that the standard builder grade mirror needed a little upgrade.  We purchased a piece of trim from Lowe’s that matched the trim around the doorways to make a frame.

frame a bathroom mirror
Making a frame for a mirror

All we did was measure the mirror, cut the pieces to length, and use the nail gun to secure them together.  Once the frame was done we used liquid nail to secure it to the mirror.  We did have to use a lot of tape to hold the frame to the mirror until the liquid nail dried.   You like my worktable?!  I have had that table since I was in college it has had so many uses over the years!

frame bathroom mirror
Framing builder grade mirror

It has been up there a couple months now and no signs of it falling off!  It is as easy as that and we only had a few dollars in it and didn’t have to purchase a new mirror to make it have a custom look.

I think the transformation is finally done in the bathroom.  Even though it isn’t exactly what we wanted I feel like it is now our own!

I feel much more satisfied refinishing something old and giving it new life rather than buying something new.  Anyone else feel that way?


Master Closet Makeover

master closet makeover with crown molding removable Devine Color Speckled Wallpaper
DIY Glam Closet Makeover with removable wallpaper

I started a few months ago just wanting to give my master closet a makeover and make it look prettier and more functional.  Well that turned into some serious reorganization and making some tough choices on if I really needed three closets full of clothes (I had invaded the two other bedrooms closets, there was not one open closet in the house!!).  There were many sleepless nights thinking about getting rid of a lot of items but now that it is a new year I realize I didn’t really need three closets full of clothing that I didn’t wear half of anyway!  The struggle was real but I prevailed!

closet before

Let’s get back to the makeover after sharing my mini breakdown over things I didn’t need!  I shared my mood board and inspiration in this post.  My goal was to remove all of the closet organization that was in there and paint it black and move it around to make it more functional.  After spending several hours sweating and removing only one wall of it I realized it was probably oringial to the house.  It had been taken apart and put back together MANY times.  I decided that it was probably best to just leave it where it was or else we would be buying everything new and I wasn’t prepared for that.  Many of the screws and attachment pieces were stripped and one more twist or turn would have completely rendered them useless.

I was heartbroken.  That meant it needed to stay in the same configuration and I wasn’t going to be able to paint it because I had planned on taking it outside and using the paint sprayer to get an even finish.

crown molding Devine Color Speckled removable wallpaper
Master Closet with Crown Molding

Back to the drawing board on what to do.  I put the pieces back together begrudgingly but was able to move one shelf back a few inches to give the closet entrance a little more space.  I took that as a small win!

The laminate on the shelving was starting to yellow and just looked gross.  I ended up just taking some white paint and painting all of the trim edge pieces on the shelving and surprisingly that made a huge difference.

Yellowed laminate closet storage

I had been dying to try some removable wallpaper after using the Easy Stripe Wall Decals from Walls Need Love in my guest bedroom makeover .  If you look at their website they even have the guest bedroom under their Instagram Inspiration on the page!  I am so flattered!  I wanted to use removable wallpaper as an accent on the back wall.  There are so many options to choose from with removable wallpaper, I could not believe it!  I decided I wanted to do something that was neutral but still fun.  That is when I stumbled across Devine Color speckled dot removable wallpaper in Sterling .  I have always thought animal print is a neutral and the silver color would give it the little punch of fun I was looking for.  For my little wall in the closet I ended up having to order two rolls and probably have about 6 feet of it remaining that I didn’t use.

removable wallpaper crown molding closet organization
Masterbedroom closet makeover

Seriously this stuff is so easy to use.  I measured it, left a couple inches extra, put it up on the wall smoothed out all the wrinkles with just my hands and trimmed the extra off.  Probably took me all of 30 minutes to put it up!

peel and stick wallpaper
Installing removable Devine Color Speckled wallpaper

Next I painted all of the other walls Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray.  It took a lot of extra taping since I couldn’t take down the closet shelving but we got it done!

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

After putting up 400 feet of crown molding downstairs I now look at where the wall and ceiling meets and just think it looks so boring without it.  I convinced my husband that the little closet would be very easy to put crown molding up in, thanks Doug!  I decided to go a little out of the ordinary and paint the trim work and crown the same gray color that I painted our master bathroom vanity.  Crown molding doesn’t have to be white and I think it gives it a little something extra while tying the two spaces together.    Oh and by the way when we thought it would be easy to put up the crown in this small space it wasn’t!!  The back wall was so bowed that poor Doug ended up having to put it up in sections rather than in one easy piece.  Oh well that’s what happens when a house is old and nothing is square.  But he prevailed and got it up and it looks amazing!

Installing crown molding. I prepainted the molding so it would just need touched up. When we discovered it had to be pieced together we used some leftover from other projects sooooo…I had to paint some of it anyway! The two tone look is kinda cool?? ha ha ha.

There is a little shelving unit between where my shoes and clothes go and instead of just using that for clothing I decided to use it as a mini vanity with some storage.  I added some of my extra wallpaper, some silver ribbon trim, a small mirror, and a peel and stick battery operated light above the vanity area.

Finally it was time to add some accessories.  I found a carpet runner at Joss and Main that I absolutely love and some fun prints at hobby lobby.   The large mirror was a thrift store find that I spray painted white.

The light fixture is gorgeous and really hard to see in in the pictures but from Lowe’s and it only cost $55 with a 20% discount!

Master Closet Makeover with removable wallpaper and crown molding.

Finally I decided that I needed to get rid of all of the mismatched plastic hangers.  I ended up going with the thin black velvet ones that save space.  I ordered 150 from Joss and Main thinking that would be plenty but soon realized that I severely underestimated the amount of clothing we had.  I ended up finding some locally at At Home and must have made five trips there to get more boxes of them.  Wow and to think I got rid of a ton of clothes but still probably ended up purchasing about 400 hangers, no joke!

Overall I love how it looks and it is so much more functional now.  It feels really good to have gotten rid of a lot of things that I didn’t actually need!  By the way all of our clothes are not in these pictures I was still in the process of changing them all over to the new hangers.  I don’t think I would be able to survive with just three sweaters!!!

Outdoor Valentine Décor for under $20!

Target Dollar Spot Decor
Outdoor Valentine Decor

Anyone else struggle with how to decorate outside this time of year?  It seems like such a transitional time.  Not Christmas anymore but not spring time yet.  I struggle with decorating outside without making it still look like Christmas but keeping it in the right season.  I feel like the front door needs something or else it is just so boring and the weather is so gross as it is we need some color to keep us going!

While scouring all of the 80%-90% off Christmas décor I decided a lot of the items on sale could be used for Valentine’s Day.  Duh.  I am sure this is nothing revolutionary or that many others haven’t thought of it but it just hit me.

I got animal print ribbon (animal print is a neutral right?!); hounds tooth ribbon, and red and silver sprayed sticks all for practically nothing.  Who says they have to be for Christmas??

I then hit up the Target Dollar spot to get some items that would pull the Valentine look together.  I am late to the game with the Dollar spot and for some reason I just started shopping the Dollar Spot over the last couple months.  I didn’t realize what I was missing out on all this time!  The items are really affordable and if they don’t last through being outside it’s not like you are out a lot of time or money.

I grabbed some of these felt hearts that I am not really sure what the original intended purpose was and a couple different garlands.  I cut the heart garland apart and glued some of them on the larger heart and used the bottom of some of my sticks to glue the large heart on to put in my urn of greens that I decided to keep around a little longer.

I took some of my almost free wired ribbon and made some bows.  I wish I could tell you how I make the bows but it’s so hard for me to explain.  Many moons ago in college I worked at a florist and learned how to make them then.  Apparently it is like riding a bike and you never forget?  There are several YouTube videos on how to make bows and practice makes perfect so just keep trying until you get it!

Transitioning Christmas Decor to Valentine Decor
Valentine Decor

I ended up just hanging a bow and a giant heart on the front door with some silver branches and faux flowers and putting the rest of the items in the urns on the sides of each door.  I hung some $3 pom pom garland above the door and the decorating is done!

I didn’t end up using the hounds tooth ribbon but I am sure one day I will find a use for it.

Outdoor Valentine Decorating

Hoping that after Valentine’s Day is over I can just switch out the hearts with something for St. Patrick’s Day.

Do you decorate for every holiday or keep any type of décor outside after Christmas?

Glam Master Closet Makeover

My master bedroom closet is in some serious need of organization so if I am going to organize I might as well give it a little bit of a facelift.

I want it to be kind of glam and femine because I feel like I can get away with that in the closet without my husband putting up to much of a stink about it being to girly!  Pictured is the mood board for the direction I want to take my closet makeover in.

Master Closet Mood Board

We have tons of mismatched plastic hangers and everything is always falling off of them.  I have heard really good reviews on the velvet hangers so I purchased a bunch of those  but quickly have realized that we have way more clothing than I ever thought.  I am now trying to get rid of items that I don’t ever wear but it is really hard!  The struggle is real but I will prevail, hopefully.

I have also been itching to put up some wallpaper but don’t want to commit to anything so decided removable wallpaper would be a great way to go because I can just take it down anytime, score!  I purchased this wall paper from Devine Color and it is fabulous!  Kind of pricey so I am only putting it up as an accent wall.

Of course I wan to add crown molding because who doesn’t need crown molding in their closet!!  I am also going to paint the shelving, the walls are getting the standard Agreeable Gray, new light fixture, the door and trim is getting painted, and I am going to be adding a runner and some art work to bring in some color.

I can’t wait to share the final reveal of my mini closet makeover!

Simple outdoor Christmas decorating at a price we can all afford

Christmas Tree Wreath

I love decorating for Christmas but get burned out really quickly on it so my house will never look like the house from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  Such a greats movie!  I try to keep it pretty simple and keep the cost relatively cheap.

I buy all of my ornaments at the end of the season each year when they are like 75% off and my husband swears we have enough stuff to have a garage sale of just Christmas decor.  But I change up the color scheme every year and it was all petty cheap so I don’t think there is anything wrong with it!

Christmas Decorating on a budget.
Christmas Decorating

To decorate the outside of the house I just purchase some garland from Sam’s Club or Lowes’s for around $14 and get the leftover clippings from the bottom of the Christmas trees.  A lot of places will either give them away for free or only charge a couple dollars.  I put the garland up around the door with a string of lights and add some ornaments.  The clippings I put in the urn planters with some ornaments as well and tada decorating the outdoors is complete!!

Decorating for Christmas on a Budget
Christmas Decor

What do you guys do for decorating ?  Go all out or keep it simple?

Christmas Decor
Decorating for Christmas on a Budget